Organisation Board

Name:IMG_20150407_122350 Simon Ulander

Alias: Adiowa

Position: Chairman, Site Admin

Bio: A soon-to-be game design student at Futuregames in Stockholm. Simon is a former freelance graphic artist, aswell as hobby game developer with passion for world building and creating indirect narrative through it.

Contact:,,  0763908611

Name: Daniel PerlmanIMG_20150615_161707

Alias: Dandami

Position: Cashier

Bio: A self-taught programmer, Daniel has been working as a freelancer for the past two years and also has worked with several small startups. Daniel is also very passionate about games and game development.


Name: Siddhart SGDH

Alias: Sidd

Position: PR

Bio: Working with mobile and payments industry for more than 3 years. Having a deep and wide interest in  startups and Bushiness Development of new startups.. New profound interest in Marketing and Public relations.



Name: Linus Bohm^26C43406CE485E0451E1842F3434A8A1EC7583A712030F110B^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distr

Alias: Nux

Position: Secretary

Bio: A 3D artist and game designer with love for architecture and grand environnments. Went to a three year game design education in Visby.